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About Sarah

Qualified Yoga Teacher (YA 200hrs)

With a background in holistic therapy my passion and enthusiasm for yoga began over twenty years ago. As my yoga practice became more regular, I noticed the strength, vitality and calm that yoga gave me. Yoga became part of my daily life both on and off my mat and my real yoga journey began.

Naturally inquisitive I sought out teachers and training in both Bodywork & Yoga to deepen my understanding and knowledge of how the body functions; to learn how we can work with our natural rhythms; to understand how breath awareness and relaxation can bring energy and balance to our lives.

My enthusiasm for yoga continues to enhance my own practice and teaching. Classes are held in Worthing, West Sussex.


Classes include elements of Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Scaravelli inspired yoga and movement education. They are creative, fun, rejuvenating and relaxing. There is great emphasis on the breath, bringing together mind and body to leave you feeling nurtured and restored. Specialising in teaching small group classes to ensure individual help and adjustments where necessary. Class times of 60 & 90 mins.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga allows stillness to take the mind and body into a place of peace and tranquility. A chance to truly experience deep rest and relaxation. Using props such as bolsters, blocks, cushions and blankets we support and encourage muscle tension to release, the nervous system to be calmed and the mind to quieten. Enjoy a blissful 90 mins.


Workshops are two to three hours and cover various Yoga themes offering an opportunity for you to devote more time to yourself and encourage a deeper yoga practice. A chance to explore and practice specific topics in more detail including breathwork, meditation and mindfulness practices.


Sarah's classes are a precious hour I look forward to for achieving a sense of inner calm and knowing that I am doing something positive for my body. I have found the classes very enjoyable and have been pleased to notice changes in my strength and flexibility over the last few months. Sarah's approach to teaching focuses on what is achievable for you, rather than what anyone else might be doing. Her style is encouraging and I have been pleasantly surprised when trying a harder yoga practice.

Louise, Worthing

I notice that I feel calmer inside after my yoga class. I'm also more flexible as the classes go on. I know I'm not the fittest of people but I think yoga makes me feel like I'm doing something good to my body. I find your classes very calming. You have a lovely way with your teaching and always take time to explain positions. Thank you.

Wendy, Worthing

It's the perfect way to unwind and after just one class, I could feel the benefit in my neck and shoulder - areas of pain I'd had for months - and the pain is continuing to reduce and the mobility to improve weekly. Although I struggle with some of the poses because of the arthritis in my hands and wrists, you always give an alternative way of doing the pose so I can still be fully engaged with the class. I missed yoga very much when I had to give it up a couple of years ago due to my health problems, but I'm grateful that you have given me the opportunity to join your classes and be introduced to a style of yoga that is new and engaging to me. Thank you!

Lynn, Worthing

Yoga Love

Sarah has the most soothing melodic voice which flows in unison with the inhalations and exhalations of the breath and the transitions between the postures. Her style of teaching imparts that Yoga is something more than just doing some physical exercise on a mat once a week and that consistent practice can have a positive effect on all aspects of body and mind.

Natalie, Worthing

I've just had a wonderful yoga morning with Purple Flower Yoga. I can't recommend Sarah highly enough - She's an excellent teacher and facilitator. Thank you Sarah

Anna, Worthing

I have really enjoyed getting back into yoga, Sarah is a great instructor, friendly, empathic and gentle. I always look forward to an invigorating and enlightening hours lesson! Thank you Sarah!

Vicky, Worthing

I would like to say I am enjoying your Yoga classes very much. I always feel when I leave the class that I am relaxed and yet stronger, I seem to have more control on my emotions which last through the week. Your teaching methods are marvellous and you are always helpful to us individually when needed. Thank you very much for doing them.

Jill, Worthing

New and Experienced

After only two months of practicing yoga, I have noticed improvements in both flexibility and energy levels, which were my main goals. I also feel stronger; adding that strength without stressing my body. Overall, it just makes much more sense than any other form of exercise that I have tried in the past.

Simon, Worthing

Since attending Purple Flower Yoga, my flexibility has increased immensely, and I have been taught the precious gift of achieving inner-calm. It's one of the best forms of exercise I've ever done!

Clare, Worthing

I really enjoy Yoga classes with Sarah. I find the pace of the class is just right for me and Sarah puts us all at ease, helping us with our postures either by making small adjustments or showing us different ways we can achieve the same results. I like the natural calmness in her voice which helps to relax & calm me. I find her yoga class is the perfect way for me to end my busy working week.

Lisa, Worthing

Purple Flower Yoga is the fourth class I have regularly attended in 16 years of yoga. I'm always impressed that Sarah seems able to include many ability levels in the same class, demonstrating her experience and skill. Every class is both challenging and calming.

Guy, Worthing

After trying a couple of different yoga classes, I found yours to be a good balance between progression, relaxation and laughter!! I do like the variation in your classes and really like it when we have done a good few number of rounds of a sequence, I find I relax into the movement more and start to learn how to correct myself.

Kate, Worthing


Please email to find out about availability and pricing on classes held in Worthing, West Sussex.

Classes are suitable for complete beginners and those with yoga experience.

All props are provided with the exception of yoga mats - please bring your own yoga mat.